TJ Sacks, award-winning writer and owner of a New York-based public relations/marketing communications agency that bears her name, has published her first non-fiction entitled “Slick the Cat: The Adventures of a New York City Kitty,” available free as an ebook on Amazon Kindle November 23—24th. After that, the book will be on traditional sale through Amazon.

The last thing that I was thinking about was adopting a cat. On the fast-track executive path at a New York public relations agency, I had no idea that a business trip to the West Coast, which included a visit to my sister’s home, would serve to introduce me to the wonders of a cat.


The one constancy in my life, Slick was there throughout my acclimation to New York, my marriage and to its eventual dissolution. Slick was a true adventurer whose antics included learning to walk on the wild side via a leash, scaling the mountains of Vermont, killing Hamlet, being diagnosed with asthma, seeing a cat therapist, and quite literally stealing Christmas.

But it was his unswerving loyalty, his enormous capacity for love, his hilarious sense of mischief and adventure that helped transform my life. He taught me that it was alright to let go, to reach for new adventures and to not allow things that I couldn’t control get the better of me.

Today I share her life with Jonny, the fourth cat to have owned me. Yet, years later it is Slick, my first, who had the strongest impact on my life. He was there during my transformative years, and he helped me to make it through them with a smile, a laugh and sometimes, a few tears.

I hope that you have the opportunity to read and enjoy my book—although it would be helpful if you were a cat-lover to begin with.

The book is available on Amazon. It can be read on any device (IOS or Android) or PC or Mac with the free Kindle app available on Amazon website. You don’t need to own an ereader—you can read it directly on your computer/laptop. And don’t forget to leave a comment/review.