Hand holding a piece of paper with printed Internship on it.
Tips for the Replacement PR Intern

By: Dayna Sorrento

One of the hardest parts of leaving a current internship is making sure all of your ducks are in a row,  including the replacement intern. Picking out the “new you” is not easy,  especially when they have so much to learn.

Here are some tips you should leave for the replacement intern:

Make a good first impression. First impressions mean everything. Most people can get a good read on a person within minutes of meeting them. That is why starting off strong and on a high note is important. So, arrive to your internship early, show a strong work ethic, and just be yourself.

Soak it all up. Internships are a one-of-a-kind experience, so value each and every internship that comes in your path. Each one shapes you into the kind of worker you will become and adds another layer onto your resume. The purpose of internships is to learn, so try to do all the learning you can!

Learn from your superior. Your internship mentor or supervisor is there to help guide you throughout your internship experience. Use that person as a tool and a resource! They are established in the industry for quite some time, so they know what they are talking about. Learn from their mistakes, understand their successes, and even pick their brains on ideas and industry topics. Anything you can gain from your internship experience will be useful to you at some point.

Asking questions is valuable. Asking questions is a good thing, and is something your employer wants to be hearing from you. It shows you are interested and engaged in the tasks you are working on, and it displays your crave for learning.

Go the extra mile. Putting in extra time or effort really does go a long way, especially for your employer. If you are willing to stay an extra half hour, or do some extra research on a project, your employer will notice and appreciate it. What you give is what you will get in return.