5 Things to Be Grateful for This Year

Though things may have not turned out the way you had hoped, we all have something to be grateful for this year. We’re here to help you remember that life ain’t all bad. Here are five things we should all be grateful for in our professional and social lives:

1. Communication. Try to think back to the days of letter writing and long awaited responses. We know…it’s tough to remember. Though technology may frustrate us to the nth degree at times, we should all be thankful for being able to communicate through our cellphones, email, etc. What would 21st century business be like without the ability to quickly email clients or contact employees while on-the-go?

2. A support system. Your support system could range from an array of faces. Think family, friends, a mentor, or, heck, even your pets. Whenever we’re looking for a pep talk, or need someone to quickly proofread a resume, we can always count on our support system.

3. Jobs and hobbies. Gratitude should be given to the jobs and hobbies we have in our life. Whether your job is at a law firm, or your hobbies include volunteering at a local animal shelter, we all have something to look forward to during our week.

4. The little things. We all know the classic phrase: “It’s the little things in life that make us happy”. And, quite frankly, it truly is the little things that help remind us how grateful we are. Think back to free food at the office, or catching the subway at the last second. These are the things that go a long way.

5. Education. Something I know I take for granted sometimes is the education I have received. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve gone to a big, state school or got your degree online. The most important thing is to recognize how lucky you are to have received an education, which is seen as a luxury to many.