Health & Beauty

T. J. Sacks & Associates’ health and beauty  practice includes experience with beauty and OTC products.  We have worked with clients to launch new products, re-position existing products, and develop strategies that ultimately garner brand awareness and generate sales.

With years of experience in the health care marketplace, agency President Temi Sacks created and ran several health care divisions in some of the top New York based public relations agencies.  The Agency brings this unique advantage in the health and beauty arena to clients who wish to reach out and connect with their target audiences, both the consumer and the trade. It understands the needs of the marketplace and can help communicate remarkable content about each element of your marketing funnel to attract, convert, engage and delight your prospects.

Case Histories

We worked with a Nobel Prize winner who applied science to skin care and developed a novel extended delivery product line.

We helped two Frenchmen who were not only members of the now defunct aristocracy,  but were introducing a line of luxury French condoms to the US marketplace.

We have worked with a number of personal physicians ranging from dentists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, psychiatrists and OBGYNs to help them build brand recognition, create a buzz, generate awareness and increased patients.  We media train our physicians to be comfortable in front of cameras, TV audiences and phone and print interviews. It is our job to make their practices translatable to the consumer audiences.

We served as agency-of-record for Majestic Drug Company, a leading provider of oral care and personal care products, and helped them to introduce a complete line of emergency oral care products, a first aid product for shaving nicks , as well as personal care products.  We elicited ongoing media attention that resulted in feature length articles in major national magazines, newspapers, wire services and websites. We media trained the client and prepared him for media interviews nationwide.  In addition, we helped Majestic celebrate its 60th anniversary with news coverage that brought attention to three generations of private family stewardship and helped engage consumers nationwide to their powerful story and products.

We told the story of the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist and the important role the important role of the optometrist in maintaining healthy vision.

For GNC we helped introduce a line of diet products that were both portable and efficient, and invited target New York-based media to partake in the fare at a luxury venue.

Client Experience