Public Relations Agency Services

As a leading New York public relations agency, we provide many services that help our clients develop compelling platforms and creative communications strategies. This allows them to stand out in today’s highly competitive and often overcrowded marketplace. When it comes to designing a successful PR campaign, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all method. Our approach and vast resources are distinct for every client.

Our powerful stories are told through:

  1. Earned media is comprised of editorial mentions, shares, re-posts or reviews.
  2. Owned & shared media is comprised of your website, blog site or social channels.
  3. Paid media is comprised of pay-per-click, advertisements, paid influencers, or paid content.
Paid Media

Paid media has quickly become a strategy for better targeting and control of who is seeing your content. It’s how you’ll get your owned content seen among the saturated online landscape — put it right in front of their faces.

Paid media tactics now rely largely on native advertising. Native ads are media placements that fit the form and function of the surrounding editorial content on a webpage. It should look native to the page.

The ad links to sponsored, owned or earned media — really, anything your brand wants people to read.