Nonprofit Organizations

T. J. Sacks & Associates has years of experience helping nonprofit organizations effectively communicate with their audiences. Our agency has worked on various projects ranging from leading religious organizations to physician groups and hobbyists. Since nonprofits come with a built-in credibility factor, the media is often very receptive to working with their spokespersons, which we train and prepare for media interviews.

The agency also works with for-profit companies that may be in need of a nonprofit liaison to function as a clearinghouse for consumer messaging, or provide a credible spokesperson to deliver agreed-upon marketing messages.

We develop remarkable content across each element of your marketing funnel to attract, convert, engage and delight your prospects, leads, and customers. Our original content is used not only by clients on their blogs and social sites, but also by media in their new feature articles, websites and social sites.

Case Histories

We worked with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals to tell the story of migraine headache prevention through our liaison with the National Headache Foundation. We developed the first Migraine Masterpieces art contest whereby we asked migraine sufferers to paint the pain of their migraines. The 25 winning paintings were feted in a SOHO New York gallery for one month and we attained nationwide media attention. Sales of Inderal LA, migraine preventive, increased 46% with 156,000 new scripts that year.

We told the American Optometric Association story about the benefits of an optometrist over an ophthalmologist.

We touted the benefits of the family physician on behalf of the American Academy of Family Physicians. 

On behalf of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, we extolled the virtues of board certified plastic surgeons.

We have not only worked with nonprofit organizations as clients, but also outreached  to many in order to create working relationships with our for-profit clients.  This has proved to be a mutually beneficial arrangement, bringing attention to the nonprofit cause, while also creating brand awareness for the for-profit company.  An example would be our work on behalf of the EpiPen, epinephrine auto-injector.  Working on its behalf, we reached out to the Food Allergy Network to work together to deliver an agreed-upon educational marketing message. Sales of the EpiPen grew year-over-year during our tenure, and membership to the Food Allergy Network also grew exponentially.

Client Experience