Public Relations Agency Services

As a leading New York public relations agency, we provide many services that help our clients develop compelling platforms and creative communications strategies. This allows them to stand out in today’s highly competitive and often overcrowded marketplace. When it comes to designing a successful PR campaign, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all method. Our approach and vast resources are distinct for every client.

Our powerful stories are told through:

  1. Earned media is comprised of editorial mentions, shares, re-posts or reviews.
  2. Owned & shared media is comprised of your website, blog site or social channels.
  3. Paid media is comprised of pay-per-click, advertisements, paid influencers, or paid content.
Earned Media

We work to garner earned media exposure through editorial third-party coverage by interesting the media to write about our Client’s products, services and businesses—without a charge.

We are adept at working with the traditional media to develop original content for feature length articles on our clients, their products and their services.  These articles have appeared in leading print (magazines, newspapers, wire services and news syndicates), broadcast and new media outlets.  More effective than press releases, we research and write original content that we disseminate to the media. Editors and producers know T.J. Sacks & Associates, and we have worked for years to cultivate working relationships whereupon the media often call upon us to assist in the development of feature/news articles and segments.

In addition, we reach out to bloggers, social media influencers and editors of relevant websites inquiring about including a backlink to a piece of owned content or to contribute a guest post (which usually includes a link back to the brand’s website).