T. J. Sacks & Associates has years of experience in promoting book authors, both self-published and those who have been published by major publishing houses. Our agency has proven itself to be adept at positioning new authors as experts in their respective fields and to be desirable to the media.

We media-train our clients so that they are prepared to face the media in an interview situation.  We role play  and prepare a list of suggested media questions, then we work diligently to rehearse these questions with clients so that they are skilled and prepared. If the client is going to a broadcast interview, we often rehearse them before a video camera and then take them through their interviews so that they may be more comfortable on live TV.

Our book author categories have included self-help categories, fiction and nonfiction.  We are adept in working in each of these arenas.

We work with authors to develop book reviews, opinion pieces, feature articles, and general information that will be readily accepted by the media. We have gotten our authors in major magazines, newspapers, broadcasts and Internet venues nationwide. This has helped their books climb the charts to success.

In many instances, we worked directly with the media to function as a liaison between the client and the media. We arranged for interview with top-target media and book reviewers nationwide.

Temi Sacks, agency president, started her career as a newspaper reporter.  Most recently, she expanded her writing skills by publishing her own book, entitled Slick the Cat: The Adventures of a New York City Kitty available at  With this experience, Temi Sacks is able to not only able to consult with book authors, but is also available to work with them during the galley stage of publishing, where additional editing is often required.

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