Tips for When You Interview at a PR Firm

Tips for When You Interview at a PR Firm

OK, story so you got yourself that interview with a public relations agency. Now what do you do?
1. Review their website. I can’t stress enough the importance of becoming familiar with the agency, its philosophy, client categories, client list and work samples. From this you’ll be able to discern whether this is the shop for you. Also, if the agency is savvy, it routinely makes blog posts—read them—what is their point of view on industry issues?
2. Prepare 3 questions. At the end of an interview I always ask a potential employee if s/he has any questions—and to my surprise, the majority say “No thanks. You’ve covered everything.” Well, that’s not good enough. I don’t care what you ask as long as you ask something; this shows me that you can communicate, think on your feet and that you’re capable
3. Due diligence. It is important for you to implement due diligence. This means becoming a detective and finding out everything you can about the firm’s reputation, working environment and staff members. Do they have a good industry reputation? Have they won awards? How happy or unhappy is the staff—ask your friends, someone is bound to know someone who has worked there—but don’t ask current staffers, you never know. And what kind of work reputation does the president and top executives have?
4. Google search. Atta girl. You know have valuable an Internet search can be whether ferreting out a potential new guy or restaurant. Well, now’s the time to implement a search on the company itself—how does it hold up and compare to competitors? What is its reputation and how have they managed it?
5. Decide on the appropriate attire. If you are interviewing for that fashion boutique you had better look the part because in addition to everything else, you will be judged on your style and presentation. Not that other public relations agency specialties don’t demand a good appearance; like a business suit for the financial agencies and leggings or jeans and heels for the funky digital firm.
6. Arrive early. It’s always wise to get to the destination earlier than needed. In this way you’ll never be late for an interview—which can be a real turn-off. Go for coffee, take a walk around the block. Then get yourself together and go gettum!!

Blame It on El Niño: When Good PR Goes Bad

el nino
Blame It on El Niño

After El Niño conditions were declared in March and the Climate Prediction Center’s forecast predicted El Niño’s continued strengthening during the summer and fall, I think it is safe to say we are well within the time period where everything will be blamed on El Niño.
It rained on your wedding day? El Niño. Had an outdoor picnic ruined by a late afternoon thunderstorm? El Niño. Was it hot …during the summer? El Niño.
Blame It on El Niño has even developed into a board game.
A weather pattern partly linked with El Nino had turned winter upside-down across the U.S. during a week of heavy holiday travel,bringing spring-like warmth to the Northeast,risk of tornadoes in the South and so much snow across the West that even skiing slopes have been overwhelmed.
In a reversal of a typical Christmas, New York reached a toasty 70 degrees the day before Christmas with some New Yorkers actually sporting shorts and t-shirts.
But the sad truth of the matter is that the real culprit of this topsy-turvy nightmarish weather is not El Niño, but climate change. Although some people continue to deny its existence, climate change is wreaking havoc on the planet and because of ignorance, or just the need to create a scapegoat, many are blaming it on El Niño.
In an idealized world I would gladly implement a joint press conference for El Niño and Climate Change to present their difference to the world at large. But sometimes you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.