As a New York public relations agency, T.J. Sacks & Associates has experience in the retail arena. The agency has introduced new retail operations and breathed new life into older establishments.

We understand that brand recognition is key to consumer sales. We work with targeted media opportunities to develop awareness and generate sales. In addition to the traditional media opportunities, we have also utilized our clients’ venues for special event opportunities.


Client Experience


Case Studies

Frank J. Miele Gallery


The Agency implemented a media relations and special events public relations program on behalf of Frank Miele who had an unusual story. A former attorney, he had followed his passion and opened up two successful American folk art galleries in New York City.

The Agency promoted his late-in-life success story to the media which resulted in interviews in numerous local, regional and national media outlets—thereby drawing attention to his retail galleries.

In addition, we worked with the lifestyle and decorative accessories editors to make some of the gallery’s unique inventory available for photo shoots and product propping.

We also positioned the gallery as a unique locale for upscale networking groups. To promote new gallery exhibitions, we held special previews open to the media and targeted consumers.