Nonprofit Organizations

T. J. Sacks & Associates has years of experience helping nonprofit organizations effectively communicate with their audiences. Our agency has worked on various projects ranging from leading Jewish organizations to physician groups and hobbyists. Since nonprofits come with a built-in credibility factor, the media is often very receptive to working with their spokespersons, which we train and prepare for media interviews.

The agency also works with for-profit companies that may be in need of a nonprofit liaison as a clearinghouse for consumer messaging, or a spokesperson to deliver agreed-upon marketing messages.

Client Experience

Case Study

National Ceramic Manufacturers Association

Ceramic-Manufacturers-AssociationThe mandate of the NCMA was to promote hobby ceramics, the art of making ceramic hobby products in your home or local studio. Once thought of as a hobby for the stay-at-home mom, with more women returning to work the interest in the hobby had been on the decline. The task was to elevate the hobby from the “art of making a mug for Mom” to the ability to customize and create decorator-inspired products. In order to provide a hands-on experience with the hobby, the Agency held an Editorial Workshop in a New York-based ceramic studio and invited top-targeted magazine and newspapers editors to learn the art of hobby ceramics. When the editors left the workshop they took with them not only a press kit but also their newly created hobby ceramic-designed products. Through an intensive one-on-one media outreach campaign the Agency worked with craft and hobby editors to develop and customize design projects for each of their national magazines. In some instances the Agency even got hobby ceramic products featured on the glossy front covers of such prestigious publications as Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle and Ladies’ Home Journal. The Agency also created and wrote a monthly hobby ceramics column with how-to projects for numerous Harris Publications. Within a year the NCMA saw a double digit increase in interest in hobby ceramics with increases every year of our ongoing public relations campaign.

National Headache Foundation

headacheOn behalf of Wyeth pharmaceuticals’ migraine prevention medication Inderal LA, the agency reached out to the National Headache Foundation to work with us to help deliver agreed-upon marketing messages to migraine suffers nationwide.

We worked with the NHF’s executive director to train him to serve as media spokesperson and through his wisdom, help educate consumers that if they suffered from ongoing migraine that they need not suffer, and that there was a new medication that could provide ongoing relief.

After just one appearance of the NHF’s executive director on Good Morning America, membership in Foundation increased by more than 40% and we were well on our way towards educating the public to this debilitating condition.

We continued working with the NHF as a pro-bono client.