Client Experience

T.J. Sacks & Associates’ clients are primarily in the consumer products, consumer services, business-to-business (B2B), and healthcare industries. We learn something new with each new client experience, whether it is how to create ceramics, prevent migraines, train executives, launch a new retail store, open a hotel or ski down a mountainside. We translate this personal experience into intimate marketing messages. The better we know our client, the better we can be of service to them.

Consumer Products

Consumer Services



  • Joan Strewler-Carter and Stephen Carter
  • Mary Ellen Renna, MD
  • Alexandra Robbins
  • TJ Sacks
  • Elena Serova



Holloway House

Lifestyle-Home-Holloway-House“T. J. Sacks & Associates has played an important role in helping to enhance the brand image of Holloway House. We have seen awareness rise, social media site traffic hit record paces as well as and other benefits as a result of the strategic PR campaign. I would recommend this NY PR agency to my peers.”
Steven R. Eck, CMO, Holloway House Inc.


Majestic Drug Company

Majestic-Drug-Co“T. J. Sacks & Associates has represented a number of our brands and has effectively generated results for each. The team has amply proven its creativity and diligence, and has secured an enormous amount of meaningful press. We are very pleased with our partnership with T. J. Sacks & Associates.”
Larry Fishman, President, Majestic Drug Company



pfizer“Pfizer Consumer Healthcare worked with Agency President Temi Sacks and her team to plan for the launch of a revolutionary new consumer first aid burn  product. We sought their counsel during the prelaunch period which consisted of a five-city test market and they were extremely effective in generating media results. This was a team that generated results and delivered what they promised…and more.”
Stu Bauer, Senior Marketing Manager, Pfizer Inc.