A Big Idea Can Come From Odd Places

A Big Idea Can Come From Odd Places

So, you are challenged with coming up with the proverbial Big Idea for a new public relations campaign. Where to start? How to begin? Well, I for one have always fallen upon a Big Idea in the most unremarkable places. Sometimes I find that if I leave the tumult of the office behind, and remove myself from the everyday commotion in a busy office, creativity soon follows.

Here are some of the most unremarkable creative venues in which I have come up with PR Big Ideas:
1. A Bathroom Break. For years, I have never gone to the bathroom whether in the office or at home without a pen placed firmly behind my ear. I’ve become good at coming up with either the lead sentence for a feature article, a tag line for a brand launch, or a Big Idea in this odd place. With relative ease, the roll of toilet paper becomes my writing surface.
2. The Shower. I guess it’s the sense-numbing sound of the water mixed with the penetrating heat that causes my mind to melt and allows freethinking to emerge. Now, if I could get my hands on the pad and pen that writes in the shower, my life would surely be easier.
3. The Dog. I am fortunate to have a large, black Labrador retriever who not only serves as my muse, but allows me to walk aimlessly around Manhattan, pen and note paper in tow, with creativity flowing. If I dare leave the house without pen and paper, there is always my cellphone where I either jot down or send myself an audio message full of Big Ideas.
4. The River. I live two blocks from the Hudson River and afford myself the glorious opportunity to walk along it almost everyday. During good weather, the paths are filled with bike riders, skaters, and joy-seekers. But during the colder months, I often feel alone along the river and its hidden pathways. Looking out at the sturdy tugboats pushing unwieldy barges through the current gives me peace of mind…and a peaceful mind often spawns Big Ideas. Again, make sure to record your Ideas by hand or via cell. Trust me when I say this, you’ll never remember them once you return home.

Life is a journey, and Big Ideas often lie in its path. Take the time to smell the roses, pet your pooch, take a shower, or meditate (always with a pen and paper handy). You’ll be surprised how easy it is to close one door of your mind and open the another to a creative moment.

The Effect of the Election on a PR Agency Exec

OK, shop so I’m not the only one reeling from the never-ending, viagra 60mg caustic political environment that we call the presidential election 2016…or How I Lost My Mind, clinic Money, New Clients and Several Friends.

  • Losing my mind. Well, that’s an easy one. Between all the Trump lies, innuendos and threats as well as the Clinton on/off email allegations,  my eyes are blinking and my head spinning sufficiently enough that I actually was thinking of bringing in an exorcist. But hopefully, that won’t be necessary after tomorrow’s election results come in.
  • Losing my money. OK, so I play the stock market. I guess I shouldn’t use the word “play,” but that’s what I have been doing recently with some of the FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) And, thank you very much, I was doing quite well until the FBI opened its mouth and inserted its foot.  But, yesterday the FBI removed its foot…and today the stock market is up more than 300 points. Obviously, the stock market is not a fan of extreme change and enormous uncertainty.
  • Losing new clients. Well, I know you can’t lose a public relations agency client until after you get it. But, with the uncertainty of this election, I have had a couple of potential new clients shy away from contract signing, not wanting to commit until after the election.
  • Losing my friends. Yes, I am a liberal New Yorker and with that said, most of my friends and colleagues are Hillary supporters…except for Arthur. When I queried him several weeks ago about his presidential choice, he sheepishly said, “Trump.” When I queried him as to why, he responded, “We need a change.” OK, with that, the subject was closed, never to be brought up again. I have made it a point not to proselytize.

So, here’s to tomorrow. May the best woman win!